1. Do I need to speak Mandarin Chinese to attend Study Abroad Program in China?

No. Academic courses are all taught in English, and local staff dealing with international students speak English. If you have not studied Mandarin Chinese, you will be placed in a beginning course.

2. I have already studied some Mandarin Chinese. How do I know which level to sign up for?

Previous courses you have taken in Mandarin will be evaluated by professors in China. You will be notified after evaluation which level you should sign up for. In the event you register for an inappropriate level, you will be properly placed upon arrival.

3. What GPA is required to attend a program?

GPA requirements are set by your home institution. You must meet these requirements to be able to study abroad.

4. Can I transfer my financial aid?

Your home institution is responsible for certifying your financial aid. Most students are able to use their Stafford loans while studying abroad, as long as the credits they earn are approved by their home insitiution. Please contact your financial aid office for more details.

5. What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel up to two weeks prior to the first day of on-site orientation, you will receive a 100% refund, and up to one week prior you will receive a 75% refund. After this date no refunds will be granted.

6. How do I apply for a Chinese student visa?

The New York Student Affairs Office can obtain your Chinese student visa on your behalf. Detailed information will be included in your acceptance package.

7. How do I get an official transcript?

You will automatically receive one official transcript about 3 weeks after the completion of your program. The first official transcript is free-of-charge.

8. Do I need to attend the pre-departure and on-site orientations?

Yes. Both orientations are mandatory.

9. How do I request airport pickup?

The New York Student Affairs Office arranges for airport pickup upon your arrival in China. Please be sure we receive accurate arrival information.

10. Where will I stay while in China?

You will be provided on-campus housing. The rooms are equipped with high-speed internet access.

11. How do I get a student ID card?

You will receive an ID from your university during on-site orientation.

12. How can I contact home while in China?

Phone or email is easiest. Wireless connections are available on campus and in your room. Skype is a cheap way of contacting people; they can see you and you can see them provided you have a laptop with a camera.

13. Do I need a cell phone?

Yes. You can bring your US (tri-band) cell phone with you and purchase a Chinese SIM card, or purchase a local phone. Cell phones are readily available, as are pay-as-you-go SIM cards. Cell phones/SIM cards and usage are miscellaneous expenses not included in the Program Fee.

14. Will I have access to my US bank account while in China?

Yes, you can access money from your US bank account through ATM machines, which are readily available in China. Be sure to inform your bank that you will be traveling for an extended period of time and understand the ATM charges you will incur while abroad.

15. What do I do if I lose my American credit and/or ATM card(s)?

Prior to leaving home, give a photocopy of your cards to your parent or guardian. Contact your card company or bank to inform them where you will be traveling and for how long, and that you will need to use your cards. Authorize the company to speak with your parent or guardian during your time away. In the event you lose a card, contact the 24/7 emergency hotline in China. Then cancel it immediately and ask your company to issue another. Your new card can be sent to our Student Affairs Office in New York, and they will forward it to our Resident or Program Director in China.