Chengdu American Center Summer Program


1. The Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad is the only one of its kind that is formed by a consortium of accredited American universities which offer both summer and semester courses from their official catalogs, and which are open to all American and international students, not just Chinese international students returning home for the summer;

2. While the majority of the courses for our summer program are offered by the School of Record that issues the transcript for the program, any course offered by an American member university in the consortium must be pre-approved by the Academic Steering Committee of the consortium and fully articulated among consortium members before it can be offered;

3. Our program simply refuses to approve any application submitted by a student unless the applicant's chosen courses are pre-approved by their academic advisor at his/her home university. Our on-campus director will work with each applicant to secure the pre-approval before his/her application can be completed.



Finally, a summer program that works with your individual academic schedule and major! Choose from a variety of courses including Calculus, Financial Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Philosophy, History, Psychology and more!

The 5-week program allows for students to select a number of courses while studying in China. Undergraduate students will be able to enroll in 1 to 3 courses during the duration of the program. Credits will be issued by Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, a well-established, highly accredited university in New Jersey, USA.

Students who attend the program will receive the highest of quality in education combined with the opportunity to live in mainland China and study in an unique environment for 5 weeks. Courses offered on the g-MEO Summer School Program in Chengdu are ALL U.S. DEVELOPED AND ACCREDITED COURSES (not Chinese university courses) and are taught by outstanding faculty members from prestigious U.S. universities including American University, Norwich University and Fairleigh Dickinson University.


The g-MEO Summer School Program is particularly well suited for students who would like to take courses during the summer either to make up courses they might have fallen behind on, or to take on a few courses over the summer in order to graduate early. Course offerings are meant to be applicable to wide range of students, regardless of academic disciplines. These courses are likely to be relevant for all students looking to complete general education requirements or electives as necessary for meeting graduation requirements. Our course offerings provide a good mix or lower and upper level division courses, allowing students to have a wide variety of course options that can be chosen based on their individual academic progress and needs.



g-MEO's Summer School Program takes place on the Shahe campus of the prestigious University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). Renowned as China's cradle for the national electronic industry, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (formerly Chengdu Institute of Radio Engineering) is situated in Chengdu, the city of over a thousand-year-old cultural history in "the land of abundance". In 1956, instructed by Premier Zhou Enlai, UESTC was founded on the basis of the incorporation of electronic divisions of the then three universities including Jiaotong Universities, Nanjing Institute of Technology and South China Institute of Technology. As one of the seven earliest key universities in national defense, UESTC became one of the nation's key universities in 1960. In 1997, UESTC was included as one of the first universities into "Project 211", a project in China for developing 100 first-class universities and a number of key fields of research for the 21st century. In 2001, UESTC was admitted into the nation's Project 985, receiving special support for developing world-class universities and world-famous research-oriented universities.

Located in the city of Chengdu, UESTC is well situated for students to enjoy a gorgeous campus with easy access to cultural events, night life and other excursions outside of the classroom and on the weekends.



Earlybird Deadline: March 1st
General Deadline: April 30th


  • Student Arrival: 06/28/2015 - 06/29/2015 (Sunday - Monday)
  • Orientation and Registration: 06/30/2015 (Tuesday)
  • Program Duration: 07/01/2015 (Wednesday) - 08/04/2015 (Tuesday)
  • Student Departure: 08/05/2015 (Wednesday)

*Subject to change for 2016


g-MEO's Summer School Program in Chengdu provides students with an unique opportunity to take courses over the summer in Chengdu, China the capital of Sichuan Province. Unlike several of our competitors, g-MEO.s Summer School Program is unique in that all of the courses offered on the program are U.S. accredited courses, NOT courses based on the Chinese university curriculum that are just taught by U.S. professors. Instead, all courses taken by students on the g-MEO Summer School Program are courses offered by one of our prestigious U.S. university partners . American University, Concordia University-Chicago, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Merrimack College or Norwich University. In addition, all students at the completion of their courses over the summer receive an official transcript from Fairleigh Dickinson University (the largest and well recognized private university of the state of New Jersey), NOT a Chinese University.

In addition, all students who are interested in attending the g-MEO Summer School Program are required to complete in full the g-MEO online application. This online application will not only ask you to provide important personal information about yourself, but also requires you to indicate what course or courses you are interested in taking while on our summer program and to indicate both who your academic advisor and study abroad advisor is at the U.S. university you are attending. Once you have completed our application and indicated the course or courses you would like to take, our application system sends an email to your study abroad and academic advisor requesting that they review those courses and pre-approve them before your departure for our program. In fact, g-MEO.s application system is so advanced that your academic advisor will even be able to review the syllabi for the courses that you choose in your application so that they can review the content of the course to ensure that those courses fit well with your academic requirements and course credits at your home university. Please note that students CANNOT attend the program without first receiving approval from both their study abroad advisor and academic advisors. This two-step process ensures that the courses you wish to take over the summer in China on our program are PREAPPROVED before your arrival on the program. Unlike our competitors, this ensures that your institution and will transfer back those credits towards your degree when you return to the United States. Upon returning to the United States, you will receive an official transcript from Fairleigh Dickinson University detailing the courses you completed while on the g-MEO Summer School Program that you can deliver to your registrar.s office to complete the credit transfer process.

To begin your application, please visit Here you will be prompted to set up a username and password in order to complete our online application through our website portal. Once you have set up your account, please follow the instructions to complete your application.


The program fees for g-MEO's Summer School Program depend on the number of courses students choose to enroll in while on the program. Therefore, the program fee will be different for students taking 3 courses, versus students who are only taking 1. Please also note that students who are accepted into the g-MEO Summer School Program and who confirm their place in the program (registration) before March 1st, 2015 will receive an EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT RATE ON THEIR PROGRAM FEE OF 10% OFF. Please see below for detailed pricing.

- 1 course = $3,700 (registration before 3/15 = $3,330)

- 2 courses = $4,450 (registration before 3/15 = $4,005)

- 3 courses = $4,900 (registration before 3/15 = $4,410)

Please note that all of these fees include housing in a double occupancy dorm room on UESTC.s campus. If you have family or friends living in Chengdu and do not require housing, please deduct $150 from these costs respectively depending on the number of courses you are interested in enrolling in.

***Fees listed above DO NOT include roundtrip airfare to and from China, meals, and miscellaneous costs associated with leisurely activities students might want to engage in while on the program***

Additionally, the g-MEO Summer School Program fee includes:

- Airport pick-up and drop off

- Pre-departure and onsite orientation

- Two 24-hour emergency hotlines (one in the United States, one in China)

- Mandatory HTH health insurance which also covers students for evacuations that might be necessitated by political uprisings or environmental disasters such as earthquakes or mudslides


Upon successful completion of the program, all students will receive an official transcript of the courses they took during the 2015 g-MEO Summer School Program, as well as their corresponding grades. This official transcript will be produced by Fairleigh Dickinson University. Once students receive this transcript, it will be their responsibility to deliver or mail this document to the registrar.s office of their home university in order to initiate the credit transfer process. Please note that different universities have different procedures/steps to be taken in order to complete the credit transfer process after completing courses outside of the university. Additionally, different universities will have different policies on whether the grades you earn during a summer program will count as letter grades (ex. A, B, C, etc), or if they will count as Pass or Fail courses. Please consult your registrar.s office for more information.