Expectations for the Fall 2015 Semester | 2015秋季学期展望

2015-09-01 g-MEO 成都极妙教育g-MEO


The g-MEO Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad is anxiously awaiting the start of the fall 2015 term. In the Center’s seventh semester, we will have 12 new students and 8 faculty members on board. The students come from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Saint Peter’s University, New Jersey City University, Concordia University-Nebraska, Virginia State University, American University, and Carroll University. Their majors include criminal justice, hospitality, business, psychology, philosophy/politics, economics/history, law and justice, and world/intercultural communication.

成都美国海外留学中心正翘首企盼着2015年秋季学期的开始。此次作为第七个学期,我们将会迎来12名新学生和8名教职人员。学生们分别来自Fairleigh Dickinson University, Saint Peter’s University, New Jersey City University, Concordia University-Nebraska, Virginia State University, American University, and Carroll University。主修专业有:刑事司法、酒店管理,商务专业,心理学,哲学/政治学,经济/历史,法律与司法,世界跨文化交流。

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Carma Elliot, Cultural and Education Minister of the British Embassy, explained the importance of cultural relations where "if we look at culture at its wider sense around cultural relations, then the people relationships, the opportunities there are for education and the core elements that fit into the culture relations there...and ultimately enjoying the very best of other people's cultures." The staff at the Center are fully prepared to guide the incoming students and faculty on their new journey in China and to experience a new culture to the fullest!

英国大使馆文化教育部长Carma Elliot强调了文化交流关系的重要性“如果我们从更广义的文化角度来看文化,我们会看到人与人之间的交流,接受教育的机会以及各种顺应文化交流的核心要素,不论是博物馆管理、文化技能、文化旅游观光亦或是享受其他民族文化的精髓。”成都美国海外留学中心的工作人员已经充分准备好迎接即将到来的新同学和教职人员,带领他们开启在中国的异国之旅,尽情的享受异国文化!


On Wednesday, September 2nd, Orientation Week will begin for the students for which the Center has organized sessions ranging from health and safety tips to how to “Chengdu-nize” their life and fortify cultural relations between the US and China. Whether it is learning how to live as an expat in a foreign country or eating spicy pig brains, we believe that after this semester of cultural immersion our students may forget how to say goodbye in their own language and, just like the local saying goes, “once you come to Chengdu, you will never want to leave!”



Please follow us on WeChat to see what activities and events we will have planned for the upcoming semester; you are more than welcome to join!


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成都美国海外留学中心的职业规划与指导讲座 – Career Development Seminar Summary

2015-07-27 g-MEO 成都极妙教育g-MEO


2015年7月21日,资深跨国集团人力资源管理专家谢军先生莅临我中心与电子科技大学合作的暑期学校现场,为大家带来了一场精彩的职业发展规划之演讲。谢先生曾任职于中国电信、智联、诺亚舟等多个海外上市公司以及世界500强企业美国壳牌石油公司的人力资源总监。同时,作为中国华为公司海外并购高级人力资源专家,谢军先生具备丰富的国际人力资源管理经验,了解各类型企业及各国雇佣特点。本次演讲以“What Are You Looking for? "为题,全面分析全球化顶尖公司的员工雇用模型,学生毕业后如何选择适合自己的企业,以个人的成长经历给大家提供职业发展规划。





On Tuesday, July 21st, 2015, senior human resources management expert Mr. William Xie Jun visited the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, host institution for the g-MEO Summer Program, to lead a wonderful Career Development Seminar. Mr. Xie has worked in human resources for China Telecom, Zhaopin, Noah, Royal Dutch Shell, and a number of other overseas companies, and he has also served as the Director of Human Resources at Fortune 500 companies including Huawei's Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions Senior Human Resources Expert. He has extensive experience in human resource management and understands the multi-national enterprise environment and national employment characteristics. 



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The Career Development presentation was titled "What Are You Looking for?" During the seminar, Mr. Xie gave a comprehensive analysis of the top global companies’ employment models, how they select graduates for their operations, and how ones’ personal growth experience can be beneficial for their career development plan. Mr. Xie introduced the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and reported on the total compensation system and international forefront of human resource management methodology. For most job seekers, finding the most suitable job (similar to finding a spouse) is important for their own career development and quality of life. The four dimensions candidates look for include: work/life balance, personal development, influence, and platform. These are important indicators to measure the compatability of companies and job candidates. 

During the Question/Answer session, Mr. Xie had a positive interaction with students. When students asked about what qualities are most important to an enterprise, he replied "achievement, execution, potential, expertise, and quality of staff are most important." Likewise, Mr. Xie shared his own experience at Shell and Huawei and analyzed the cultural differences and their impact on corporate-employee choices.


In conclusion, the theories set forth by Mr. Xie, as well as the cases and live interaction with students in terms of recruitment, provided a good platform for career development and a deeper understanding of the human resources strategies that occur at multi-national enterprises.

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成都美国海外留学中心主任王晶玉女士在讲座前向全体学生致辞,希望g-MEO暑校的学生能适应新环境的要求,做一个成功的Global Player。会后王主任向谢军先生颁发了成都美国海外留学中心学生就业顾问的证书,并期待谢军先生能以他的专业才华来教导更多的学生。

Before the presentation, Miss Jingyu Wang, Director of the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad, urged the g-MEO Summer School students to adapt to the fast-paced, global environment and encouraged them to be a successful global players. Afterwards, Director Wang awarded Mr. William Xie Jun a certificate to become the Career Development Advisor for students of g-MEO’s Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad. We look forward to Mr. Xie’s professional talent to advise and lead more students in the future.




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Career Development Seminar – 职业生涯发展规划与指导

2015-07-20 g-MEO 成都极妙教育g-MEO


Our upcoming exciting Summer School component will be hosting a Student Career Development seminar on Tuesday, July 21st from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM. We have invited Mr. William Xie, who previously worked as a Human Resources Manager and/or Director for companies such as Royal Dutch Shell (US company), China Telecom, Alliance, Noah, as well as the Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions Senior Human Resource Expert for Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. He has a wealth of knowledge about HR management and the employment processes of various enterprises in different countries.


个人简介:谢军先生(William Xie)曾任职中国电信,智联,诺亚舟,壳牌多个海外上市公司,世界500强HRM,HRD,华为海外并购高级人力资源专家;丰富的人力资源管理经验,了解各类型企业及各国雇佣特点;

演讲主题:What are you looking for? 内容大纲:全球化顶尖公司的员工雇用模型,学生毕业后如何选择适合自己的企业,以个人的成长经历给您提供职业发展规划.

The theme for the seminar will be: What are you looking for? He will cover topics such as the employment models at top global enterprises, how you can choose a suitable company after you graduate, and advice on your career development plan based on individual growth. You are also welcome to bring your own concerns/questions during the Q&A part with Mr. Xie. This seminar will be beneficial to you career endeavors, no matter if it is in China or internationally.




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